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Finnish Air Force Cockpit

Type - Mod
Uploaded by - Chain
Date - 02/21/2015 21:59:11
This is a Finnish Airforce Cockpit for MiG-21Bis module. All the labels are true to the real FinAF MiG-21Bis cockpit. I visited cockpits of two real MiG-21Bis aircraft which are located at Tikkakoski and Lappeenranta (Karjalan Ilmailumuseo).

This mod does not add the avionics which were added in Finland after the Migs were delivered. This is a texture mod only.

Work in progress version.

v1: 18.9.2014 55%
v1.1: 10.12.2014 94% done

Installation instructions:

1) download the cockpit texture package
2) extract the files into folder:
3) in DCS options, make sure cockpit language is set to "english"
4) in DCS options, in Mig-21BIS options, select the custom cockpit support

If all was ok you should see the finnish labels.

-- Sama suomeksi -- Same in finnish --

1) lataa tekstuuripaketti
2) pura paketin tiedostot hakemistoon:
3) DCS:n optioissa tarkista että ohjaamokielenä on nyt "englanti"
4) DCS:n optioissa tarkista että Mig-21BIS asetuksissa custom-ohjaamotuki on valittuna

Have fun and remember to report any bugs you find!
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