A-10c mk84 carnaval- PT- BR

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A-10C Warthog
A-10c mk84 carnaval- PT- BR

A-10c mk84 carnaval- PT- BR

Author - marcoacv
Date - 18.02.2015 08:15
Tente destruir vários veículos de suprimentos com seis bombas mk-84. Sendo que esses veículos são protegidos por AAA e IR.

Try to destroy several supply vehicles with the six mk-84 that your plane is armed. Very careful because these vehicles are protected by AAA and IR.

Siga os waypoints até o local dos alvos, faça um ataque rápido e pegue a rota de fuga egress o mais rápido possível!

Follow the waypoints to the location of the target, make an attack and take the route of egress escape as fast as you can!
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