WWII Dogfighting Practice Mission 1.1v

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WWII Dogfighting Practice Mission 1.1v

Uploaded by - fastfreddie
Date - 01/03/2015 07:22:25
Simple mission setup for dogfighting practice between human players at set contact points. 1v1, 2v2, 1v2, etc or you can edit in Ai planes into client slots if you wish.  

Two main starting points for each side.  

Normal position selected for both aircraft places each about 1.5nm apart from each other in the 11 oclock to 1 oclock position at 8000ft at 300 knots.

Second disadvantage position places that craft at 7000ft at 250 knots with the enemy in a normal slot to its 5 to 7 oclock position at about .8nm.  

I've added more slots for medium altitudes with normal slots starting at 16000ft/320kts and disadvantage slots at 15000ft/280kts with similar scenarios as before.  

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