Su-27 Mission - Lone Survivor (SP)

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Su-27 Mission - Lone Survivor (SP)

Uploaded by - ruddy122
Date - 12/31/2014 17:48:33
Single Player Mission utilizing the Su-27 in A/A and A/G Roles. Multiple Mission Triggers included. AI set at Average Skill level but can increase level if you want.  Part of a larger 16 mission campaign with the Su-27 I am creating.

Krasodar-Center (URKL) just got attacked by Tomahawks and you are the only Flanker Asset Available.
Blue Force Assets are on their way to neutralize the airfield.

Mission Objectives
- Defend the base from Attack
- Follow the Mission Messages closely
- Try to Score above an 85

Helpful Hint: Do not underestimate the MiG-21, Enjoy and have fun!
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