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A-10C Warthog

[SP] Operation Krasnodar

Uploaded by - Rmk80
Date - 09/11/2011 08:25:08
Operation Krasnodar is a multi-role air operation on the city of Krasnodar and its two airports. On mission start, the amount of enemy resistance, their type, position and skill is randomly set.
Select the role you prefer (SEAD/CAP/CAS) and use your support flights wisely.

Forum thread: http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=79430

In this mission you will select one of the available tasks in a multi-role air operation on Krasdonar. Enemy resistance is randomly selected at each mission start.

You may encounter the following:
- 0/16 Groups [ZU-23 on Ural-375]
- 0/12 Groups [ZSU-23-4 Shilka]

- 0/8 Groups [SA-9 Strela-1 9P31 or SA-13 Strela-10M3 9A35M3]
- 0/2 Groups [SA-19 Tunguska 2S6 or SA-15 Tor 9A331 or SA-8 Osa 9A33]
- 0/1 Groups [SA-6 Kub LN 2P25 or SA-11 Buk LN 9A310M1]

Ground units (CAS):
- 0/8 Groups [MBT T-72B]
- 0/8 Groups [IFV BMP-3]
- 0/4 Groups [SPH 2S1 Gvozdika]

Air units (CAP):
- 0/2 Groups [MiG-23MLD or Su-27 or MiG-31 or Su-33]

Based on the enemy units that spawn at mission start you can select any of the following roles: SEAD/CAS/CAP/Free Flight.
JTAC support is available for all SEAD/CAS tasks.

Note that when Russian CAP flights spawn, they will stay inactive on the tarmac untill they randomly take off. This might happen anywhere between 0 and app. 60 minutes. If you selected the CAP role (or even when you didn't), you better take them out before they take off!

The following support flights are available on your command for the remaining tasks (if there is a threat present):
- 2x SEAD SA-9/SA-13 [F-16C bl.52d or F/A-18C]
- 2x SEAD SA-8/SA-15/SA-19 [F-16C bl.52d or F/A-18C]
- 1x SEAD SA-6/SA-11 [F-16C bl.52d or F/A-18C]
- 2x CAS T-72 [A-10C or F-15E]
- 2x CAS IFV [A-10C or F-15E]
- 1x CAS ART [A-10C or F-15E]
- 2x CAP [F-16C bl.52d or F/A-18C]

You can also contact HQ (F10) anytime to:
- Request a Sitrep
- Repeat your briefing
- Cancel your task

Mission HQ - Radio menu F10
ATC - 125.00 VHF AM
AWACS/Support Flights - 124.00 VHF AM
Tanker - 150.00 VHF AM (Tacan 40X)
Flight - 251.000 VHF UHF
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