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UH-1H Huey


Uploaded by - herky
Date - 12/06/2014 14:21:04
A single player mission in the DCS World for the UH1 Huey.

Command a flight of four UH1 Huey's to infill a platoon of marines to a hot LZ.
On route you are tasked to eliminate a stronghold (armed house) and supporting infantry.
Mission is successful when enemy at LZ are eliminated, the marine platoon has completed their mission to destroy enemy coms mast and TV antenna and you have performed exfiltration of marine force and RTB.
You will have air support from A10c's who will subdue opposition at the LZ.
EDIT: If you alter the mission slightly, you can fly for the RED forces and fly the SU 27 as CAP and interdict the UH1 force and/or the A10c before they reach the radio masts! Even fly the SU25T or Black Shark. This mission is quite flexible. You just need to own the aircraft modules! If you fly the SU 27, be ready to use the HMS and all that low speed angle off shooting!!

You will command a flight of four UH1 Huey's to infiltrate a platoon of marines into a hot LZ.

On route to the LZ you will eliminate an enemy armed house and infantry. The enemy stronghold is transmitting on 40.5 and 41.5 VHF. Use your UH1's RDF to assist in navigating to the enemy position. These forces are blocking an FAC APC group. The FAC will mark the stronghold with red smoke. FAC APC's will pop blue.  Once cleared forward FAC will proceed to mark the primary (LZ) for our air strikes.

You will then proceed to LZ and infill the Marine Platoon. They will execute their tasks (destroy enemy coms tower and TV antenna.)
You will provide C.A.S. for marine force. They will destroy the coms tower first then move west to the TV tower. Upon completion of their tasks, you will perform exfiltration the force, and RTB.

Enemy at LZ will be degraded by A10c strikes. Enemy force expected to consist of APC's, AA ZU on Urals and infantry company.

Be advised enemy APC's (BMP3) at LZ have AA missile capability. Exercise caution if A10 strike underway or is unsuccessful!

Mission is successful when enemy at LZ is destroyed, marine force exfiltrated and you have RTB.

(Mission hint) History reveals medals have been awarded to successful commanders in the past, so the rewards are great!

Good Luck!

EDIT. Feel free to alter or add to the mission. You can freely view all the units. The mission is balanced to permit a satisfying experience, without being so difficult that failure will be the norm. The Marines are "invulnerable". I did this to simulate the fighting ability of marines to take cover/deploy weapons etc. But go ahead and experiment. Add an extra SU27 as an extra "sting", but you may not get home! Lastly the RDF on my Huey does guide to the enemy stronghold. But doesn't work 100% for my liking. I left it in because the RDF needle does give you an initial course without looking at the map F10. Hope its enjoyed.
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