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Osseta Rebellion V0.5.1

Uploaded by - hawx2fan
Date - 12/02/2014 06:10:45
March 6 2015: South Ossetia demanded more territory in return for food supply's. Having their request denied, the South Ossetia and Ukrainian government attacked Georgia and captured over 80% of its land including many airports in the area. Georgian forces are almost completely wiped out, so Russia came to aid and backed by the U.S. and many other allied country's.

BLUE: Allied forces

BLUE AIRPORT: Sochi, Kobuleti, Batumi, Nalchik, Min Vody, Mosdok, Beslan

RED: South Ossetia Ukrain and Insurgents

RED AIRPORTS: Gudauta Sukhumi Senaki Kutaisi Tiblisi Soganlug Vaziani

This is my first mission for multiplayer and it is still in beta so if anyone would like to use it please give me some credit. The mission has every aircraft except the WWII aircraft  and the TF-51D so anyone can play also just a little disclaimer, none of this is true, its a fictional story I thought up one day and decided it would be a good idea
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