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Vergeev Group Campaign

Type - Campaign
Uploaded by - brandtryan
Date - 12/01/2014 15:28:27
The classic Vergeev Group campaign for the venerable Ka-50 Blackshark.  

This is the FULL English version of the entire campaign.  After personally working over 100 hours to make it compatible with the current version of DCS World, the producers agreed to let me post it here, available, free of charge, to the public.  I was instructed not to update/make available the Russian version of the campaign.

As future releases of DCS World come out, these files will be updated to ensure play-ability.

Learn to fly the Ka-50:

Though this is a "story" driven campaign, completing each mission successfully serves as a kind of training regiment, and each subsequent mission requires more knowledge of the Ka-50's systems.  By the end of the campaign, you'll be a confident, competent Ka-50 pilot.

Experience what, according to many authoritative opinions, is one of the best single-player experiences available in a flight simulation today.  Welcome to the Vergeev Group!
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