A-10 & F/A-18C Pilot Photoshop Template (2048x2048)

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A-10 & F/A-18C Pilot Photoshop Template (2048x2048)

A-10 & F/A-18C Pilot Photoshop Template (2048x2048)

Type - Skin
Author - Home Fries
Date - 01.11.2014 09:12
This is the template I used to create the pilot skins for default A-10 and F/A-18 aircraft.

The template is 2048x2048 to accommodate the higher resolution F-15C pilot skin, though the original A-10 skin is available as background. Since the F/A-18C pilot skins use the same texture (albeit shaded), I have added USN/USMC units as well.

The template includes green, desert, and black flightsuits, the SRU-21P survival vest, different unit patches, morale patches, A-10 type patches, and pencil patches. In addition, there is a modular nametag set that allows different colored nametags, different types of warfare badges (e.g. USN Pilot & NFO wings, Jump wings, etc.), and a place to add your name.

Change Log:
Version 1.62
    Enhanced and color matched some lower resolution textures
    Added some USN squadrons

Version 1.5
    Added USN/USMC fighter squadrons, USN Carrier Air Wings, and USN/USMC aircraft patches to selectable items.
    Added more options for warfare insignia for all US services.
    Added "leather nametags" for all services.
    Added brown boots as option for F/A-18 drivers.
    Added shading master for applying the darker shaded skin for the F/A-18 LOD.
    Miscellaneous minor fixes and enhancements.
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