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X-55 Rhino Profile, F-15C

Uploaded by - AceRevo
Date - 10/30/2014 16:11:27
Final update!

To install: Simply load up the PR0-file within the saitek programming software (X-55 Rhino Profiler). You might want to move the file within your shared documents where the ''MadCats'' and the ''X-55 Rhino'' are located. You dont have to do anything within DCS itself, but make sure you got your joystick axis and throttle axis correct in the games options (pitch, roll, yaw and thrust).

Check out Mudspike's ''Quick Look & Set Up'' review of the X-55 Rhino. A pretty nice read if you want to learn more about setting up your own profile:

Note: If youre having problems with your profile while running TS3, take a look at this link on how to sort it out:
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