Night patrol (MP x2)

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DCS: Чёрная Акула 1.0.2

Night patrol (MP x2)

Загрузил - Distiler
Дата - 17.04.2011 10:08:46
"Night patrol" stock single player mission ported to 2 players.

Content rights to ED

PD: do not edit unless you have the mission editor mod.


In an effort to gain control over the increasing tempo of insurgent operations, the Ministry of Interior has recently established a curfew in the conflict region. All non-essential (non-emergency) civilian traffic is prohibited between 2200 and 0530 hours.

The Ministry of Interior has been coordinating with the Ministry of Defense to establish ground and airborne night patrols in the region. To facilitate operations, army aviation has established a command center in Maykop AFB, where the most seasoned helicopter crews will be stationed and tasked with flying the night patrols.
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