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Operation Tammuz

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Data - 25.02.2017 14:35:43
Intl' has revealed an Abkhazian top-secret nuclear weapons program.
Operation Tammuz is aimed at denying this nuclear capability.

Intl' has revealed an Abkhazian top-secret nuclear weapons program.
- The nuclear warheads are being manufactured in an isolated base in the Sukhumi region.
- The facility contains a productuion plant located in a hardened bunker at the end of a long access road
- Weapon components and warheads are stored in two hardened storage bunkers in a forest about half a mile East of the production plant.
** Objective **
Destroy Abkhazian nuclear capabilities.

** Mission **
1. Destroy the production plant.
2. Destroy the two hardened storage bunkers.
3. Destroy any unit attempting to escape the site (Either by air or on the ground)

** Method **

* Flight "Pony" (A-10C, x4):
- T/O Senaki-Kolkhi
- Proceed to WP3 ("Observation") and gather final attack data (position of air-defenses, presence of any helicopter/s awaiting on the helipad etc')
- Attack and destroy the 3 objective bunkers
- Maintain constant observation on the objective area and access road, and eliminate any units attempting to leave the site.

* Flight "Frog" (SU-25T, x2):
- T/O Senaki-Kolkhi
- Provide SEAD support for flight "Pony"

* Flight "Eagle" (F-15C, x2):
- T/O Kutaisi
- Provide air cover for the attack aircraft against enemy airforces
- Support the attack aircraft in engaging any helicopter trying to leave the objective

Enemy alert state is currently low due to poor weather.
Recommended attack profiles is to enter enemy airspace at very low altitude (~100 ft) ASL to delay detection by local SA-6 battery. This battery is responsible for alerting the base and other supporting defenses.

Mission thread here:
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