Ukrainian AF MiG-21bis - UPDATED 10/12/14

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Ukrainian AF MiG-21bis - UPDATED 10/12/14

Type - Skin
Uploadé par - nhenley85
Date - 06.10.2014 10:17:42
One Ukrainian Air Force skin for DCS: MiG-21bis

Updated 10/12/2014

The latest 1.2.10 patch for DCS came out after I posted this skin and made it INOP.  I have corrected it and posted this update as of 10/12/2014 - LN has temporarily removed the numbering from the nose of the aircraft.  I will post another update when they fix the numbers.  For now, my skins can still be flown without the numbers.  There are now two textures, one for up close and one lowres for far away.  LN has done this to improve framerates.

Thanks guys.
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Tags: ukraine, mod, mig-21, skin, dcs
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