Go Ugly Early: Part 1

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Go Ugly Early: Part 1

Uploadé par - swordoftruth412
Date - 05.06.2013 23:33:31
6 Multiplayer missions in Krasnodar Oblast

It is early January, 2015. The terrorist bombing of the Sochi Olympics last year has set in motion a chain of events with terrible consequences. The already hostile climate between Georgia and its Russia supported neighbors leads to many extremist groups blaming the ethnic Georgians and Chechen peoples for the catastrophe. So far, the Russian government has been able to prevent retributive attacks against the ethnic minorities, but tensions remain high. In March, 2015. A Chechen theater is set on fire. No one knows who started the fire, or even if it was an accident. Nevertheless, thirty Chechen's die. Both sides blame the other. Alexi Khirkov, an up-and-coming Russian general with extremist views begins to gain more and more credibility as the tensions between the various Russian ethnic groups continues to inflame. He establishes the People's National Unification Party with the intention of recreating Russia "as it once was." The West condemns Alexi as an Imperialist and fear that his strong ties to the Russian military may lead to a coup. In May, a peaceful march on Moscow petitioning for civil rights ends in disaster. Troops loyal to Khirkov open fire on the crowd. Khirkov seizes the Kremlin. Russia, descends into Civil War. The Loyalist forces are split and separated across the vast Russian territory. NATO and the UN, fearing complete failure of the Russian state, is quick to offer aid and deploys troops into Poland and the Czech Republic along with Ukraine. Russian Separatist troops invade Georgia with the support of the South Ossetian and Abkhazian governments. The Krasnodar Oblast officially sides with the Loyalist Forces after the massacre of innocent Chechen and Georgian civilians. Turkey, itself roiled with domestic troubles, sides with the PNUP and assists in the invasion of Georgia. NATO revokes Turkish membership. Turkey closes the Black Sea to UN and NATO ships. In August, the US deploys elements of the 493rd Air Wing to Krasnodar to support the Loyalist forces. The 81st arrives in late September.

Currently, both the PNUP forces and the Loyalists have agreed to peace talks. However, Abkhazian forces are becoming increasingly aggressive. NATO suspects that the peace talks are a ruse.

Go Ugly Early is a campaign designed to make the most out of the Georgian terrain supplied by ED and will eventually stretch fr om the city of Krasnodar to downtown Tbilisi. It is not meant to be an accurate portrayal of military forces in the region or a commentary on any particular political system or nation. Currently there are 6 missions with more to follow, including an F-15C campaign. Go Ugly Early features A-10C, A-10A and Su-25T aircraft in all missions with slots up to 12 players (4 A-10C, 4 A-10A, 4 Su-25T), although 4 is recommended. This is meant to allow all forms of play from the experienced to the brand new. That being said, most missions are more easily accomplished using the A-10C module. For those using the Su-25T and A-10A, I highly recommended using a night-vision mod to allow you to complete the various night missions involved. I personally use this method: http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=101563&highlight=night

The missions included are of moderate difficulty [I rate them at a 2.5 to 3.5/5]. You will need to know how to use and understand the radio option menu, how to rearm/refuel/refit and many different forms of weapon's employment. Be sure to read through the mission briefings for individual mission information.

Unfortunately, I did not have time to include detailed mission photos. I hope to include these in a future release.

I have not EXTENSIVELY playtested these missions, but I have played all of them. They should not require any special mods or skins, and I do believe all triggers behave appropriately. If not, please let me know so I can fix them!

Please feel free to use and/or redistribute these missions as you see fit. However, please give credit wh ere it is due. And as always, have fun!

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