DCS-COINS: Flaming Cliffs 3 SU-33 and SU-25T Dashboard

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DCS World 2.7

DCS-COINS: Flaming Cliffs 3 SU-33 and SU-25T Dashboard

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Uploadé par - Munt.G
Date - 22.02.2022 17:12:02
Touch Portal page set for Flaming Cliffs 3 SU-33 and SU-25T dashboard with event updates from DCS-COINS (a TP plugin).

It consists of the "Main Panel", and the "Navigation & Sensor Panel". The latter can be access from the "Nav/Sensor Panel" button in the former. The "Back" in the latter will switch back to the Main Panel. This is assuming the original page names are preserved. Otherwise, you will need to change the button actions to navigate to the new page names accordingly.

Tested with SU-25T and SU-33, but it should be compatible with other FC3 aircraft - with the exception of auto-pilot buttons (sorry, I don't have the other FC3 modules to test it with).

    1. This is a freeware provided as-is for the DCS user community. Note that the author is not affiliated with Touch Portal and does not gain anything financially from the said company.
    2. The author will not be liable for any issues, problems, losses and/or damages arising from the use of this freeware.
    3. The Touch Portal page may be modified and/or redistributed freely without any restriction.
    4. The act of downloading, installing and/or using this freeware automatically constitutes acknowledgement and consent to the terms and conditions outlined above.

    * DCS World 2.7 and above
    * Touch Portal on Windows 10 - v2.3 and above (free) - https://www.touch-portal.com/
    * Touch Portal on Android or iOS tablet/phone - v2.3 and above (sorry, NOT FREE - need the Pro upgrade for the features used.)
    * DCS-COINS plugin for Touch Portal - https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3319022/

    1. Download and extract file Munt.G_FC3.zip into folder Munt.G_FC3.
    2. Open Touch Portal.
    3. Click "Manage Page...".
    4. Click "Import Page".
    5. With the file manager, navigate to the extracted folder Munt.G_FC3.
    6. Click on file "FC3 Main Panel.tpz" and then click "Open" button.
    7. When prompted "Are you sure?", click "Yes".
    8. When the "Import success!" dialog appears, click "OK".
    9. Repeat steps 3 to 8 for the second file, "FC3 Navigation Sensor Panel.tpz".

   * Uses default DCS key binds (if changed, revert to original or edit the TP page buttons accordingly)

   * 2023-01-26: Fixed: Incorrect kneeboard key bind, link failure to Nav/Sensor Panel
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