Mosquito OBOE - Blind Bombing System

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DCS: World 2.7

Mosquito OBOE - Blind Bombing System

Type - Mission Solo
Auteur - Draken35
Date - 26.09.2021 16:19:39
(Last update: v1.06 - 10/08/21)     Mosquito OBOE - Blind bombing System. Includes Day & Night versions of the demonstration mission for the OBOE Script

Blind Bombing System
Script for DCS 2.7
by Draken35

Recommended reading and watching

Principles of operations & script usage

The above links describe very well the principles of operation of OBOE, but in short, OBOE is a radar transponder based system used to measure distances fr om the plane to two ground stations: CAT and MOUSE.

Cat station is use to project a bean that pass over the target that the pilot must follow. Signaling is done with different sounds for when the plane is on track and short or long of it.  Mouse station is used to control bomb release and signaling is Morse code. All the distances and important points are calculated in the ground prior to mission start and assuming the planes will fly in at a specific altitude and speed. These calculations will not be adjusted or corrected while in-flight, so it is very important to follow the flight profile.

In order to receive signals from the stations, the plane has to have line of sight with the stations. The altitude to maintain LOS is considered in the flight profile and LOS is modeled in this script. So, if you don’t hear anything from Cat or Mouse, flight higher!

The script will pick a target (from an available list) and provide a briefing for the mission.
The briefing consist of the target location and the flight profile used for the OBOE calculations and bomb release. The briefing also provides an attack direction (North -clockwise or South-counter clockwise in The Channel Map). In order to strike the target accurately, this flight profile and attack direction must be followed.

The first task is to intercept the track provided by the Cat station (steady tone on track, short pulses while short of track and long pulses for long of track) and turn into it from the attack direction provided in the briefing. You will heard a Morse X at 20 miles from the track, then a Morse Y at 10 miles and a Z at 5 miles from the track.

Follow the track and, at 10 minutes from the target, a Morse code warning will be heard: AAAA. At 8 minutes it will be  BBBB. At 6 minutes, CCCC. Then, at 3 minutes away another signal will be give: DDDD. The signal for bomb release point is 5T, which  is 5 dots followed by a dash. Bombs shroud be release at the end of the dash. The "OBOE: Sound 'tutorial'" in COMMS menu will provide examples of these signals.

Release heading. At the time of this writing, it is not clear to the author when the pilot should turn into the release heading but as a best guess, since it is calculated from the release point to  the target, is that the pilot should start turning into the release heading when the release signal starts.

Morse Signals
A = .-
B = -...
C = -.-.
D = -..
5T = …..-
X = -..-
Y = -.--
Z = –..

Use COMMS Menu (other) to access the OBOE Functions:
“OBOE: Mission Briefing”:
    Shows target and flight profile information

"OBOE: toggle on/off":
    Toggles the OBOE equipment On and Off.

"OBOE: reset approach" :
    The script keeps track of the 10min, 3 min and release signals and they are give only once     This option allows for them to be reseted and the track flown again.

"OBOE: Report results"
    Reports distance and position, using a clock face of the bombs impact in relation to the     target. 6 o’clock is short, 12 is long, 3 is right and 9 is left.

"OBOE: Settings"
    Allows to change the units in which the briefing and results are given and the accuracy of     the system. The more accurate, the narrower the Cat beam is and the closer you need to get     to the warning points in order to receive the corresponding signals.

"OBOE: Sound 'tutorial'" (Cat & Mouse)
    Gives you the option to listen to all the sounds used by the script.

Mission editor:
    In case you want to open the missions in the ME, the scripts and sounds are included in the respective folders. Just make sure to copy them to the places you normally use for those types of files.

    Version history
    1.00        09/22/2021    Initial release.
    1.01        09/26/2021    - Fixed 10 mins warning.
                            - changed warnigs to target instead of  release.
                            - oboe.SelectTarget() returns number of selected target
                            - added bomb impact tracking
    1.02        09/28/2021  - added new sounds
                            - Modified distance to target signals
                                - 4xA = 10 minutes
                                - 4xB = 8 minutes
                                - 4xC = 6 minutes
                                - 4xD = 3 Minutes
                            - Added distance to Cat track    
                                - X = 20 miles
                                - Y = 10 Miles
                                - Z = 5 miles
                            - changed default accuracy to 8 meters (~ times 2 = wingspan of the Mosquito)
                            - improved sound tutorial
                            - improved accuracy and reliability of the signals
                            - added optional parameter to SelectTarget to sel ect specific target
                             (if nill or greater than the number of targets in the list, then the target will be randomly selected)
                            - added subtitles to the Morse sounds. Default is off
    1.03        09/30/301    - replaced variable position polling frequency by a fixed one
                            - reworked sound system
                            - added default values for release altitude, ground speed and briefing in the target list.
                              This means, that you only need to supply that target zone name. The script will generate the rest
                            - Added track intercept mark
    1.04        10/01/2021    - Restricted Mouse signals to the vicinity of the Cat track    
    1.05        10/05/2021    - Requires d35lib v1.01
                            - Added historically accurate 7.5 seconds release signal (new sound, file name 5t7.wav - triggers need to be updated)
                              Thanks Retnek!!!
                            - Added headings to the interception and warning points (perpendicular to CAT track) as reference to the briefing
    1.06        10/08/2021    - Changed calculation of Cat track to make the release vector tangential to the track        
                            - Improve horizon LOS calculations
                            - Added path guidance information for training (overrides sub titles). Can be disabled in the script
                                XXX < YYYYm> ZZZ  SIGNAL
                                wh ere XXX is the tangential heading to the path at current position
                                      YYYY is the distance in meters to the center of the path, max display is +/-999m
                                      ZZZ delta between current heading and tangential . 0 = on path
                                      SIGNAL = mouse or cat signal:
                                        miles 20 | 10 | 5 : Signal fr om CAT distance to path
                                        10|8|6|3 mins : Signal from MOUSE, minutes to target
                                        Release : well...Guess...(remember, pickle at the end of the SOUND signal)
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