Fog Rider - Convoy Escort

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DCS: World 2.7

Fog Rider - Convoy Escort

Auteur - theSithis
Date - 27.07.2021 13:59:47
Multiplayer mission for 1 - 8 players.

Hinds provide escort security for a convoy moving through the hills of Lebanon.

The situation has been slowly escalating in the foothills with the rebels hitting army checkpoints all over this region. Our convoys are the most vulnerable part of our presence here, therefore our main task has shifted to ensuring the safety of the convoys going in and out of the hills. One convoy (C/S Cyprus) is leaving Tyre right now and is expected to reach the mountain FOB Tango in about 45min. You will have to cover them on the most dangerous part of their journey.

Own Forces:
4x MI24P
Convoy Cyprus (M113 and trucks)
FOB Tango

Enemy Forces:
Infantry in unknown strength
Few heavy weapons
Rare AAA, Manpads and APCs
Concentrated mostly north of the planned route.

Neutral Forces:
UN Peacekeepers along the south border and operating UH1 in the area.
Minimize collateral damage in the villages.

Ensure the safety of the convoy

The convoy will travel along a dirt road marked on the map. The road directly north of it is an asphalt main road.

Phase 1: Fly north along the coast to link up with the convoy traveling on the highway.

Phase 2: Scout the route ahead between the Coast highway and the T-Junction where the dirt road rejoins the asphalt main road.

Phase 3: Provide CAS for the convoy if necessary. Convoy will provide smoke markers if possible.
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