Better Smoke for DCS World 2.7

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DCS: World 2.7
Better Smoke for DCS World 2.7

Better Smoke for DCS World 2.7

Type - Mod
Auteur - taz1004
Date - 19.04.2021 09:21:12
Better Smoke Converted for DCS 2.7

Updated crater textures.

Updated 5/12/21.  V13 Revision 1.  Fixed runway textures.

Attached here is IC Safe MP version.  For SP version with more effects, download from forum thread below.

INSTALL: Extract to main DCS install path. OvGME or other Mod Managers recommended.

If you have any other mod that modifies particles, you must install this mod last and overwrite.
  • Licence: Freeware - Version Gratuite, Distribution non limitée
  • Langue: N'importe quel langage
  • Taille: 4.19 Mo
  • Téléchargé: 646
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