NZArmA BFM Training "The 600"

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DCS: World 2.5
F-14 Tomcat
NZArmA BFM Training "The 600"

NZArmA BFM Training "The 600"

Auteur - PSYKO_nz
Date - 06.04.2021 07:13:10
REQUIRED MODS: A4 Skyhawk, because at this stage who doesn't have it!

This mission is a small remake of our previous BFM training mission, this time we have added in some AI Aircraft.

we discovered during training that we needed a more consistent metric to train to as some pilots were better at BFM than others which always led to an unbalanced fight with the opportunity to learn getting lost, so we put in some AI at Ace level. then we put in some more, then a few more...

now we have the same 2 sides with all aircraft available to both to be flown for multiplayer/singleplayer use and 10 different AI aircraft to spawn and fight against for each side with thirty spawns or "shots" of each

30x10x2 = 600 spawns

pictures below of the aircraft for each side

BLUE = NATO AI aircraft
RED = Russian AI AIrcraft

more information in the description...

any issues, questions, bugs please put them here!

In this training mission, you have the option to fight real players or AI

Select your aircraft. (both sides have the same number and types of aircraft available)

Click "Briefing"

Wait till everyone is ready, click "Fly" at the same time

Starting Altitude 15,000 ft

Fly towards each other


... Fights on

Rules? Make up your own rules before you fly

If you wish to play offline OR fly online with teammates versus AI do the following

Select your side -
if you wish to fight against NATO/Western AI aircraft choose the BLUE side
if you wish to fight against Russian/Eastern AI aircraft choose the RED side
begin the mission, open up the radio select "other" then select the aircraft you want to fight, merge, fights on.

There are 30 spawns of each aircraft available in single spawns, 10 different aircraft on each of the 2 sides, so if my maths is right that 600 AI aircraft available

all aircraft are loaded with guns and max onboard fuel

tired of 1v1? want 1v2 or whatever, just spawn one aircraft then spawn the second one etc, they all spawn behind each other

included are summer and winter versions
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