Su33 Cockpit HDD Reflection Mod

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DCS: World 2.5
Su33 Cockpit HDD Reflection Mod

Su33 Cockpit HDD Reflection Mod

Type - Mod
Auteur - WytchCrypt
Date - 05.01.2021 01:25:35
After completing my "Su33 Cockpit Instrument Reflection Mod" that reduced and/or eliminated the reflection from the Su-33 dials and gauges (found at:, I heard from some pilots who requested I do the same for the Flanker's HDD.  Since the HDD reflection is defined by altering a different cockpit file, I decided to create this as a sister-mod to the gauge and dial reflection mod.  You don't need the other mod to alter the reflection of the HDD, but they definitely go together to address the whole cockpit reflection gauge/dial/HDD look which many feel is too pronounced and difficult to read clearly.

And Flanker pilots from the early DOS and Lock-On days may recognize the return of the overlay grid on the HDD :-)  

This mod provides several files which reduce or eliminate the reflection from the Flanker's HDD.  An extensive Readme will guide you through the installation process.  This mod includes the files which define the HDD reflection in both an opaque (no reflection) or semi-opaque (some reflection) look.  For those not familiar with painting, I've provided opaque and semi-opaque ready to go files for both gray and blue Su33 cockpits.  For those wanting to paint and customize, I've also provided the layered su33_cpt_int07.psd files for your further customization.

This mod is designed to be easily integrated into existing customized Su33 cockpits.  If you're ONLY using the default cockpit, you NEED to install one of the several excellent Su33 custom cockpits available to use this mod easily (the mod is still usable with the default cockpit but requires changing DCS system files so I leave that to those wanting to play in that area).  I'd highly recommend the English translated cockpit by Devrim, my "Su-33 English Layered Paintable Cockpit Files" mod found at:, or any other custom Flanker cockpit that you install at "../{name}/Saved Games/DCS/Liveries/Cockpit_Su-33/".

I'm happy if anyone wants to take the layered psd files from this mod and include it in their further mods, just provide attribution so I can see my name in lights :-)

Thanks, and I'm happy to help if anyone gets stuck making this work!
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