FARP Hollywood - Caucasus [Helicopter Sandbox] - All Helo Modules (Single or Multiplayer) by Element

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DCS: World 2.5
UH-1H Huey

FARP Hollywood - Caucasus [Helicopter Sandbox] - All Helo Modules (Single or Multiplayer) by Element

Type - Mission Solo
Auteur - ElementLT
Date - 15.12.2020 03:11:22
⟽ ★ FARP Hollywood Caucasus [Helicopter Sandbox] - All Helo Modules (Single or Multiplayer) by Element ★ ⟾

Tasked based helicopter sandbox mission that will offer hours and hours of flying time with over 100+ LZs for all DCS Helo modules. This can be played in single or multiplayer. From troop transport to ground assault tasks this sandbox has a little of everything!

100+ LZs, CSAR Tasks, Troop Inserts, Troop Extractions, Logistical Operations, Attack Chopper Target Area, View Player Stats via F10 Menu (If enabled), plus much more!

Instructions: Sel ect an assignment using F10 menu. All assignments will vary in difficulty and be within range 12-28nm distance away fr om home base, logical task can run even further. Runtime could be between 25-45+ minutes depending on distance. Logistical task can take even longer. You must be at FARP Hollywood on the ground to sel ect a task unless its a logistical crate mission.

Troops will auto load and unload if doing a troop transport operation such as insertions, extractions, CSARs provided  you are landing in the correct LZ.  

Hueys and Mi8s must always be vigilant while in enemy territory as you may run into enemy ground forces in route to your LZs. You must survive throughout your entire mission even on the return trip. Smaller allied FARPS are also located within the mission to assist you on your journey for repairing, rearming, and refueling.

Possible SAM THREAT. Fast and low is the way to go. You have been warned!

ADF Homing Audio Signal - Please be aware the morse code audio may come in and out during your mission but signal should remain.

Want to fly with a buddy? No problem. Just have the lead select the mission using F10 menu while the budd(ies) wait for instructions by the flight lead. (Ex. Have an escort for your troop ins ert operation)

⟽ Ground Assault Missions ⟾
Selected via F10 Ground Assault menu. Then Sele ct how many players will be taking on the mission. You will be assigned a target area. Fly to this area, seek out and destroy your targets and return to FARP Hollywood.

⟽ Troop Transport Operations ⟾
Missions for the Uh-1 Huey and Mi8 can be selected via F10 menu. If landing in the correct area/lz troops will auto load and unload. No menu diving. While other FARPs are available to assist you, FARP Hollywood will always be your finial destination UNLESS otherwise instructed. (This does not apply to logistical operations as your finial destination could be away fr om FARP Hollywood).

★ Radio Freqs ★
FARP Hollywood: 40 Mhz FM Homing
FARP Hollywood ATC: 127.3 - 127.9
(Check Your Specific FARP for Your ATC Freq)

FARP London & MASH (Rearm, Refueling, & Hospital)
Freq: 41 Mhz FM Homing
FARP London Pad 1 ATC: 126.1 Mhz AM
FARP London Pad 2 ATC: 126.2 Mhz AM
(Hospital for Medivac Use Only)

FARP Dallas Camp (Rearm & Refueling)
Freq: 42 Mhz FM Homing
Pad 1 ATC: 126.3 Mhz AM

★ SRS and Other  Freqs ★
General Comms: 32 Mhz FM (SRS)

KA-50 & SA342s Presets:
Ch 1 - FARP Hollywood 40.0 Mhz
Ch 2 - FARP London 41.0 Mhz
Ch 3 - FARP Dallas 42.0 Mhz

Warehouses/Supply Depots Freq
Muhuri Supply Depot - Freq 49.10 Mhz FM Homing
Zugdidi Ammunitions Depot - Freq 49.50 FM Homing
FARP Freq Above

You will need to edit your MissionScripting.lua file.

Edit your MissionScripting.lua ("C:\Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World\Scripts") so EasyStats may create and save data.
Comment out sanitizeModule('os'), sanitizeModule('io'), sanitizeModule('lfs'), and require

It should look something like this...
      require = nil
      loadlib = nil

Things to Know:
Ambush Attacks: Uh1 Hueys and Mi8s will need to stay vigilant as its very possible you may be attacked randomly by insurgents while in Enemy Territory.  
SAM Threats: SAM Threats are very likely , fast and low is the way to go when performing troop transport ops

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Change log Updates
12-15-2020 - Fixed bug with Ground Assault Tasks
6-16-2021 - Added the New Mi-24P Hind & Added the latest version of Easy Stats
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