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DCS: World 2.5
Su33 Cockpit Instrument Reflection Mod

Su33 Cockpit Instrument Reflection Mod

Type - Mod
Auteur - WytchCrypt
Date - 15.11.2020 21:37:03
The Su33 has VERY shiny cockpit instrument reflections, while they may be realistic I find them completely distracting and very hard to read.  This mod provides 5 varying levels of cockpit instrument reflection to choose from by providing 4 new versions of the Su33 cockpit file that displays the reflected background.

Original Release:  11/15/2020

v2: 11/25/2020 : Updated Readme file to provide easy install option for those already using a custom Su33 cockpit:  Thanks to Mike_Romeo for sending me the details!  

01/05/2021: NOTE: I've released a new mod which allows you to reduce or completely eliminate the reflection on the HDD.  Think of it as a sister-mod to this one giving you a completely reflection free instrument Su-33 cockpit.  You can find this new mod at:

The file I alter to change this is the transparent found in ($DCS Home)/Mods/aircraft/Su-33/Cockpit/Textures/  

I've included 4 new versions of this file with varying degrees of reduced reflection and an installation Readme.

NOTE 1:  This mod is NOT JSGME friendly as-is because of the optional reflection intensity files provided.  Once you decide on the degree of reflection you like it could easily be made JSGME compatible if you're experienced in that.  If not, detailed instructions for manual installation/removal are provided in the Readme file.  

NOTE 2:  If you're already using a custom Su33 cockpit, installation is simply a matter of copying a file to your local ../Saved Games/DCS/Liveries/Cockpit_Su-33 custom cockpit directory and adding a line to the cockpit description.lua (details in the included Readme file).  A big advantage of this is you can create a cockpit for each version of included reflection file and easily switch between them while in DCS.

NOTE 3:  If you're not already using a custom Su33 cockpit, installation of this mod requires opening, altering and recreating the production Su33 cockpit zip file.  If you're not comfortable with that, or the Readme directions don't make sense, DO NOT attempt this installation.  If you'd like to learn how to do this, I'd recommend searching/posting a help message on the "Mods and Apps" forum :-)

NOTE 4: I also played around with creating a  ../Saved Games/DCS/Liveries/Cockpit_Su-33/Default directory and putting just the reflection file and a simplified description.lua in there.  It seemed to override the default cockpit reflection properly but other issues arose like corrupted mirror reflections.  Someone who wants to really tinker with that could likely find a way to alter the default locally without rebuilding the ($DCS Home)/Mods/aircraft/Su-33/Cockpit/Textures/SU-33-CPT-TEXTURES.  If someone can define a way to do that, please describe it in the comments below.
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