Carsten's Syria mission framework 1.3 (change log in the description)

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DCS: World 2.5
Carsten's Syria mission framework 1.3 (change log in the description)

Carsten's Syria mission framework 1.3 (change log in the description)

Type - Mission Solo
Auteur - Don Rudi
Date - 26.09.2020 11:00:57
I present you my Syria mission framework.

This framework is intended not just as a template, but as a playground for the new Syria map, in which you can easily embed your own missions, with little knowledge how to use the mission editor.

The framework contains:

*  more than half a dozen different blue client slots and can of course also be used for coop mission.
*  about two dozen voice overs
*  lots of triggered events
*  a good selection of already available targets for blue and red players
*  custom kneeboard
*  tankers and AWACS
*  red, blue and white air- and ship traffic
*  red, blue and white ground units

For the full feature list and change log, please click on details.


Feature list of the Syria mission framework:

* blue players can choose between a number of clients for land based, carrier based and LHA based aircraft. Client aircraft and numbers can be exchanged at own disgression, as long as the client's group name remains unaltered! (the name is used by various triggers)
* red clients can be added at own disgression
* Air defenses hand placed using satellite images and Australian defense study. I tried to find a good compromise between reality and playability
* Syrian air defenses will react differently when coming under attack. Behavior includes (temporarily) shutting down the site, shutting down the site and using a shadow site instead, shutting down and activating a smaller backup site or simply no reaction at all. Different sites use different propabilities, so when flying this mission more often, you should not encounter the same predictable behaviour each time.
* Iranian and Russian air defenses have specific air defense zones assigned and will react differently based on the clients nationality.
* There are various air defense zones triggering the launch of Turkish, Israeli, Syrian or Iranian QRAs
* shot down QRAs might result in additional QRAs being scrambled
* Custom nested F10 menu
* 5 tanker patterns for blue aircraft (can be requested via F10 menu), 1 tanker pattern for red aircraft
* SEAD package on station near the Lebanese eastern border can be requested via F10 menu to take out 1 of 2 SAM sites
* two drones (one in the Taftanaz-Aleppo region, one over Lebanon) can be directed to three targets each, using F10 menu
* drones use the JTAC.autolaze script. To add at least some immersion, a frequency check was added, so make sure you dialed in the correct JTAC frequency for the drones
* custom kneeboard showing all relevant frequencies and tanker patterns
* added TACANs to Israeli and Jordanian airfields and carriers, including ICLS for the CVN
* civilian sea- and air traffic, so make sure you identifed your BVR target correctly
* blue and red background traffic
* two dozen voice overs for various events
* all clients are placed cold and dark without waypoints - feel free to change this to your pesonal liking

Though this framework is not intended as a mission as such, it includes a variety of readily available targets for blue and red players. These include:
* blue and red strike aircraft attacking targets on the map (mostly my favourite piece of infrastructure ;) )
* various Hezbollah positions in Lebanon and a Hezbollah tank column arriving from Syria
* Syrian SCUD position
* Syrian rocket- and barrel artillery positions
* Syrian tank and IFV formations
* SDF (blue rebels) positions and ammo depot
* Israeli border patrols and tank formations on the Golan heights
* Turkish artillery, tank and IFV formations in Turkish controled north Syria
* Hezbollah weapons freighter leaving Beirut harbour headed to Gaza
* a SCUD launcher is being delivered by air to Damascus airport and will then drive towards the Golan heights
* weather and time set

Feel free to add your own targets - that's what this framework is made for ;)
Most units are not hidden on the map, so you have a better overview of what is available already.

When publishing missions made using this framework, please give credit to the framework.

And now - have fun flying on the Syria map!

Incase of any questions or problems, you will easily find me on the DCS Facebook group.

+++ change log version 1.3 +++
* fixed Tanker USMC (KC-130) either crashing on departure or being shot down
* fixed KLu QRA getting airborne for no apparent reason
* fixed parking postion lockup at Incirlik, caused by background traffic A-10s
* fixed Tanker USMC sound not being played
* fixed weird skin selection for landbased Hornet
* fixed background traffic Huey accidentally set to client
* deconflicted AI routes to ensure triggerzones are only triggered by client aircraft
* reworked "Civilian aircraft shot down" logic, as it could be triggered at the end of an aircraft's flight cycle
* added UN Mi-26 helicopter to the civilian aircraft shot logic (so make sure you know whom you are firing at ;) )

+++ change log version 1.2 +++
* fixed annoying repetitve "drone on station" message
* fixed tankers showing IAF instead of USAF skins
* fixed A-10C II at Incirlik wasn't set to cold start
* added some more blue and white background traffic (only in areas that are not hit by performance issues)
* added warning (written and voiceover) when entering Iranian security zone (south west of Damascus), to alert player he is about to scramble a QRA
* added protection zone for AWACS South. Penetration of the zone will result in the scramble of 2 RNLAF F-16s out of King Hussein
* changed Iranian security zone, as it could be triggered by Tanker South
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