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DCS Controls Helper

DCS Controls Helper

Type - Utilitaire
Auteur - bunnyhu
Date - 02.09.2019 08:50
This project is made for process the DCS joystick / Keyboard binds. It can make a PDF from your controls, then you make kneeboard sheet with external program.

Project website: https://github.com/bunnyhu/dcs_controls_helper
Java application file: DcsControl.jar

This project is made for process the DCS joystick / Keyboard binds. Mostly used for my home made DIY controller box called DCS Buddy.

I am using a kneeboard sheet to remember the button functions, but sometimes I am redefined them inside DCS. It is painful to upd ate my page because so many functions and hard to remember or found what is changed.

The project able to read the exported DCS controls HTML file and connect them to PDF form text fields. You can use multiple controllers and separate the same commands like joystick buttons with prefix code.

For example my controller emulating a 27 button joystick with buttons JOY_BTN1..27 but my joystick also have JOY_BTN1..7. So I separate the joystick's buttons with SC_ prefix like SC_JOY_BTN1.

How to use it

Step 1
Set every key, joy button, axis etc in DCS. Use the Make HTML function in the Options/controls menu.
The html files created into the " c:\Users\ yourusername \Saved Games\DCS\InputLayoutsTxt\ airplanetype " folder.

My folder look like this:
Arduino Leonardo {0084B6C0-5546-11e9-8001-444553540000}.html
CYBORG 3D USB {76F52CE0-2F71-11e9-8001-444553540000}.html

Step 2
Make a PDF template with form text fields. I strongly suggest to make the template with Libre Office. That is free, easy to make the page with text fields, name it and save the document into a PDF file.
The form fields name will be follow the DCS controller names schema, like JOY_BTN1 If you want to use more controller on one page, use prefix(es) that I suggested. Like JOY_BTN1 , TC_JOY_BTN1 , A_JOY_BTN1.

How to make form field with Libre Office:
- Menu: Form / Text Box
- Menu: Form / Control properties => General / Name = JOY_BTN1
- Menu: File / Export as PDF (check the "Create PDF Form" box!)
- Open the template PDF in the Adobe Reader and save it without any changing (you can owerwrite the original one). This step is need because the Kneeboard Builder cannot read the content of the text fields from the original Libre Office saved PDF file. I am not sure why (maybe PDF version of some stuctural different), but this is help. So, just do it, like a mambo jambo hocus-pocus :)

Libre Office: https://www.libreoffice.org

Step 3
If the template is done, open my DcsControl.jar java application. You need the java runtime on your computer to run it.
Open PDF template, then Add DCS HTML files that you want to attach to your template fields. Do not forget using prefix if you used it in the PDF template. You can check the command - action pairs in the table.
Hit the Fill & save as PDF template button to save the final PDF file. If you do everything well, the text fields is filled with actions.
Java: https://www.java.com/en/

Step 4
For using your hint sheet in the DCS, you must make a kneeboard page from the PDF. Th easiest way is use the Kneeboard builder! That can import PDF and export into the correct folder like a Kneeboard page, and free of course.

Step 5
Check the DCS controls page for command key to show the kneeboard inside your plane. Default Kneeboard on/off key is RShift+K, then change the pages till your hint sheet is on. If every default page is on, it will be a lot of page before yours!

In the Example folder there is a test PDF template and my SU-33 controls export files.
The Arduino Leonardo have no prefix.
The Cyborg 3D USB have prefix: SC_ (like SC_JOY_BTN1) please dont forget to se t. It is uppercase!

The java code is licensed under the GNU General Public License v3.0

1.1.1 - Add readme.txt
1.0 - First release
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