DCS: AJS-37 VIGGEN Sound Effects Fixes

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DCS: World
AJS-37 Viggen

DCS: AJS-37 VIGGEN Sound Effects Fixes

Type - Son
Uploadé par - Devrim
Date - 21.09.2018 23:46:18
V1.3 (01/2023) This mod fixes some loop effects in engine sounds and some rotary button sounds.


    This mod fixes some loopy effects in engine sounds and some rotary button sounds.

    COCKPIT: Shortened & reduced bass frequency of rotary buttons' sounds:

         Removed reverb effect:

         Fixed loop effect in gyro run:

         Increased +4dB volume of G force effect:

    ENGINE: Fixed loop effects:

        Fixed corruption that causes loop effect:

        Fixed sound quality:

        This sound effect has too much corruption due to changing its pitch I guess, and I'm not sure if Viggen is using this file or not because it has terrible sound quality. So, I used stock "EngineGE.wav" sound file that is the most similar sounds to each other to me.




    * This mod is compatible with both DCS World versions.
    * This mod was made based on stock sound files.
    * Integrity Check: OK.
    * Please feedback about your thoughts and suggestions.
    * Please do not create mirror mods or download links for this mod!

Thank you. Have fun.


v1.3 - Removed reverb effect of "Fswitch up & down" sounds.(01/2023).
v1.2 - Some sound files fixed by the developers removed from the mod. (01/2023)(975DLs).
v1.1 - Very minor reviews. No need re-download (09/2019)(970DLs).
v1.0 - First release (09/2018)(470DLs).
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