VF-111 'Sundowners' Tomcat Squadron Skin for F-5E Tiger II

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F-5E Tiger

VF-111 'Sundowners' Tomcat Squadron Skin for F-5E Tiger II

Type - Skin
Uploadé par - tuckerj17
Date - 08.04.2018 20:18:45
A livery adaptation of VF-111's original deployment livery for the F-5E

"Why another Sundowners skin?" you may ask, "the F5 comes with a bunch of them already, so what makes this one any different?"

The second in my line of spur-of-the-moment throwback Tomcat squadron skins for the F5, I was inspired to make this one when I realized I felt conflicted using the VFC-111 skins for combat/carrier operations.  Overall I think it turned out looking pretty good, so I decided to upload it here so fellow Naval Aviation enthusiasts can use it as well.  If there's interest I could be convinced to take a crack at the infamous "Miss Molly" CAG livery.

-New helmet design modeled after the squadron's real early 90s design
-New patches including a custom made air frame patch for the right shoulder
-Custom flight suit including a red t-shirt, brown boots, and USN O3 rank insignia
-Complete skin including tweaked fuel tank textures to match the base gray color
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