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DCS: World 2.0


Type - Mission Solo
Uploadé par - kunterbunt
Date - 22.07.2017 15:10:17
You are stationed at Nellis airport. Take off immediately with your wingman and take the 2 MiG-21bis approaching Nellis.

Nellis airbase Nevada December 1st, 16:00
2 MiG-21bis approaching
Laden with heavy armament
Fortunately for everybody we are aware of the attack
While base members are leaving...
4 F16 (waiting to be serviced) are a perfect target on the ground
John and me will intercept
Should be an easy task
The MiGs are loaded for heavy bombing...
while we fly the nimble Mirage-2000C

This missions was designed as a training mission for the mirage 2000 created and tested for dcs 2.1.1 and vr in oculus.
I suggest to turn gamma to 2.0, deferred shading on, lens effect to full  and turn all shadows to full to enjoy the beauty of the morning flight and fight.

See video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BAv2WCnbY6c

P.S. This is a new version that fixes a compatibility problem with latest DCS version.
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