Operation "Moked"

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DCS: World 1.5

Operation "Moked"

Uploadé par - IAF.AssafB
Date - 25.03.2017 20:58:59
Execute a surprise attack against an enemy airbase and take out strategic bombers and airbase facilities

*** Operation Moked ***

We're executing a preemptive strike against the enemy's strategic bombers base at Krymsk.
Our objective is to neutralize Krymsk airbase, taking out the following targets:
1) Destroy the base control-tower
2) Destroy the base fuel complex, located at the North area of the base.
3) Destroy any aircraft found in the base, specifically bomber aircraft. No enemy bomber is to leave the base!
4) The airbase is also a regional deployment base of an artillery long range MLRS regiment. Destroy any artillery units in / around the airbase.

Flight "Pony": A-10C (x4); Ground attack
Flight "Hawk" : M-2000C (x2); Ground attack & CAP
Flight "Frog": SU-25T (x2); SEAD
Flight "Eagle": F-15C (x2); CAP

All aircraft T/O and land @ Krasnodar-Center

The frontline is covered by several SA-3 batteries.
Airbase area is expected to be defended by AAA's (radar guided SAM's will be activated if "Frog" flight is manned)
Enemy fighters are likely to scramble (if flight "Eagle" is manned)
Proceed West of the Bullseye at low altitude! Enemy EWR is able to identify any aircraft entering enemy airspace at more than ~200ft MSL and will alert the sector defences of incoming air-raids.

Weather: Overcast, base at ~8500ft; Fog

* Weapon restrictions:
Ground attack: no guided / cluster munitions are available
Air-to-air: only short range IR missiles are available
SEAD: only Kh-25MPU ARM's available

* Tips:
- If flight "Eagle" is airborne, heavier enemy CAP resistance is to be expected.
- If flight "Frog" is airborne, expect heavier radar guided SAM resistance
- Long range MLRS units may or may not apear... stay alert!

*This mission is inspired by the Israeli air-force' Operation "Moked" (focus) carried out in 1967.
*This mission utilizes MIST (Thanks Grimes!)
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