This is a mod that just changes the texture of the tire tread for the P-51D-20. That is all. Mod is all set to be used with JSGME. This passes the Integrity Check, just so ya know ;) I was peaking and poking around inside my DCS World folder, and then I found a tire texture for the P-51D in Bazar/World/textures/ This gave me an idea, and I began to change the standard diamond tread of the tires to a not-as-common-but different tread type, which I can't actually find the name of. This...
Date: 05/20/2017
Alternate file to get a more realistic effect of smoke during touchdown and also for off-road moving vehicles. Works on: DCS: BS, FC2, FC1.1 and LO1.0 Made with Modman 7.3 Mod English Any version Other Freeware - Free version, Unlimited distribution 2727
Date: 02/21/2011

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