The skin is Republic of China Air Force (ROCAF) TAIWAN "Thunder Tiger Aerobatics Team" To install skin just extract "AT-3" folder in your game's folder : C:\DCS World\CoreMods\aircraft\C-101\Liveries\C-101EB\C-101EB If you want to change your C-101 smoke system just extract ...
Date: 01/10/2018
ROCAF (TAIWAN) Mirage 2000-5 NO. 2016 EI16, To install, extract to DCS World\Mods\aircraft\M-2000C\Liveries\M-2000C - you may need to create the M-2000C folder in Liveries for them to appear in-game. Republic of China Air Force (ROCAF) RAZBAM Mirage 2000C ...
Date: 07/02/2016
... originally a 4thFW 336thFS aircraft that flew during the Korean War under the names "Dreaded Gomboo/Sweet Rose"*. After the war had ended in a ceasefire it was dropped from the USAF inventory and transfered to the Republic of China Air Force (Taiwan) in 1955. (*"Dreaded Gomboo/Sweet Rose" is available as a seperate download). F-86F Sabre of the Taiwaneses Air Force Skin English DCS: World 2.5 F-86F Sabre Freeware - Free version, Do Not Redistribute
Date: 03/14/2018

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