This MOD add the additional keyboard and joystick controls to enable the NVG gain controls in the Mirage.  This Mod has been tested in DCS open beta.  In this version I chnaged the key press so you have to press repeatdly to hange the gain which gives a more fine control. You may need to rebind your keys....
Date: 07/21/2020
... but in Track IR you see one. I'm still working on the convergence for the VR viewpoint and will update when I figure out that code. So for now enjoy the wider field of view! Video of it in action here! Mod English DCS: World 2.5 Other Freeware - Free version, Unlimited distribution 10/02/2019 04:26:17 208
Date: 10/02/2019
Adds NVG capability to the Mig-21 by editing the .lua. Uses the current A-10C NVG's adopted to work in the Mig-21bis. WARNING replaces your current custom "keyboard keybinds". Werewolf's Mig-21bis NVG MOD - Use at your own risk, all files are ...
Date: 01/28/2016
... ported to the Hornet, keybinds must be set up under the command "Nightvision On" in the controls menu. FA-18C Hornet Night Vision Goggles Mod modified to work for the Hornet by DanBeast1337/z0ck3y with the Help of Werewolf's Mirage NVG Mod. (Original File-Mod by Werewolf. Files taken from Werewolf's Mirage NVG Mod!) !⠀!⠀!⠀!⠀!⠀!⠀!⠀!⠀!⠀!⠀!⠀!⠀!⠀!⠀!⠀!⠀!⠀!⠀!⠀!⠀!⠀!⠀!⠀!⠀!⠀!⠀!⠀!⠀!⠀!⠀!⠀!⠀!⠀!⠀!⠀!⠀!⠀!⠀!⠀!⠀!...
Date: 06/13/2018

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