20 October 2023

Dear Fighter Pilots, Partners and Friends,

The DCS Halloween Sale 2023 has now started, and will run until the 5th of November at 23:59 GMT on our eshop. Please take this opportunity to collect something special at a great price. Most DCS aircraft, campaigns, terrains and packs are on sale with a 50% discount! Shop now and watch the video!

DCS 2.9 was released yesterday into Open Beta and offers a ton of new features, enhancements and bug fixes! This latest update includes significant frame rate improvements with Nvidia DLSS support, aircraft improvements, new data link features, updated Voice Chat, amazing new 3D models, a range of visual upgrades that includes rotor wash effects, SSS and much more! Please see the 2.9 changelog for a complete list of changes.

Two exciting new campaigns are now available for your enjoyment in the DCS 2.9 Open Beta! Check out DCS: MAD Black Shark by Stone Sky and the DCS: F-16C Weasels over Syria Campaign by Ground Pounder Sims. Please read the details below.

Thank you for your passion and support.

Yours sincerely,

Eagle Dynamics

“Spooks” Sale

Halloween Sale 2023

Halloween Sale 2023

The 2023 Halloween Sale is a fantastic opportunity to save up to 50% on most DCS aircraft, terrains, tech packs and campaigns. The DCS Halloween Sale 2023 will run until the 5th of November 2023 at 23:59 GMT on our Eshop.  We are also pleased to announce that we will have a similar sale on Steam. Please stay tuned for more details. 

Upgrades Not on Sale

  • DCS: Normandy 2 Upgrade for DCS: Normandy 1944
  • DCS: Normandy 2 Upgrade for DCS: The Channel
  • DCS: Normandy 2 Upgrade for DCS: Normandy 1944 + DCS: The Channel

Aircraft Not on Sale:

Campaigns Not on Sale:

Terrains Not on Sale:

Aircraft with a 20%

Campaigns with a 25%

Aircraft with a 30%

Helicopter with a 30%

Campaigns with a 30%

Everything else in our Shop is available now with a 50% discount. Shop now!

DCS 2.9

Open Beta

DCS 2.9

Over the past weeks, we have discussed a number of the new features coming to DCS 2.9. This update is an important milestone for DCS that is designed to improve your experience across a broad range of areas and is heavily influenced by your feedback and requests. Thank you for your patience and commitment. We also want to thank our external testers for the long hours that they have contributed to proofing this update.

Once we are satisfied with the state of the 2.9 Open Beta, we will move to the DCS stable version.

What to expect in DCS 2.9 Open Beta and later in no particular order:

  • New Voice Chat features and immersive radio sound effects
  • Datalink improvements for F-16C, F/A-18C, A-10C II, and AH-64D
  • Radar improvements for the F-16C and F/A-18C
  • Mirage F1 BE variant
  • Updated camera view controls allowing you to use the WASD and QE keys to position the camera on any unit
  • Improved Track Replay System, W.I.P.
  • Improved “spotting dots” that change with resolution and are not affected by zoom, W.I.P.
  • Colour grading option
  • New 3D models that include the B-1B, B-52H, S-3B, C-RAM, and SA-10
  • Transport troops using player-controlled ground vehicles with Combined Arms
  • Nvidia DLSS 3.5 support
  • Rotor wash visual effect W.I.P
  • Airflow effect on vegetation W.I.P
  • New Spitfire Mk. IX cockpit textures and improved details
  • Mission updates for all Warbirds
  • AIM-9 family update
  • R-13M, R-60, R-3R, and R-3S missiles refactor
  • Custom payloads

We are thrilled to launch these improvements and trust they will enhance your DCS experience and we look forward to your feedback! Read the full changelog.

Weasels Over Syria

F-16C Viper Campaign

Weasels Over Syria

Strap into the mighty F-16C Viper and enter the world of the Wild Weasel!  Taking place over Syria,  you will fly head-on into the enemy air defences. This campaign features 12 thrilling and immersive missions in which you are tasked with SEAD, DEAD, search and destroy, strike and escort missions. Included are 75 pages of scenario intelligence reports, 22 pages of SPINS, and over 200 pages of detailed briefing and kneeboards. A custom Air Traffic Control (ATC) system has also been created for your home airfield. Buy the DCS: F-16C Weasels over Syria Campaign now!

This campaign, along with DCS: MAD Black Shark, are now available in the latest Open Beta! Please ensure you update to DCS Open Beta 2.9. 

Thank you again for your passion, patience and support. You make our dreams come true!

Thank you again for your passion and support,

Yours sincerely,

Eagle Dynamics