DCS 1.2.6 update 2 is now available

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8 oct
DCS Update 2 Change Log
DCS World
  • Fixed a crash caused by AI in certain conditions.
  • Fixed crash caused by fullscreen mode failing to initialize when using multimonitor presets (fall back to windowed mode in case of fail).
  • Multiplayer. Fixed client crash caused by AWACS being killed.
  • Kh-22 missile 3D model corrected.
  • Su-25T. Laser Rangefinder doesn't turned OFF when Route mode selected is fixed.
DCS: A-10C Warthog
  • Fixed crash caused by Mission Prepare.
Flaming Cliffs 3
  • F-15C. Extra chaff loading has been corrected.
  • F-15C. Fixed Navigation Mode not updating after aerial refueling.
  • Fixed Kuznetsov aircraft carrier ATC not providing permission to take off.
  • Corrected position of smoke outlet of smoke generators.
  • Su-27. Sorbcya ECM pod 3D model - Fixed navigation light position.
  • Su-27. 3D model - Fixed canopy texture issue.
  • Su-27. Adjusted landing gear light cone.
  • Su-27. Fixed bug with tail numbering for Su-27 "Air Force Standard" scheme.
  • Su-27. Corrected landing gear animation.

DCS: Mi-8MTV2 Magnificent Eight BETA
  • Corrected upper blister sections of the cockpit 3D model.
  • Updated animation of radio channel selectors.
  • Added animations for the RI-65 voice warning system control panel.
  • Added thumb button to the rotor brake lever.
  • Added wheel brake lever to the cyclic control handle.
  • Adjusted wheel brake sound.
  • Added bomb release command (B) to the default input profile.
  • Fuel shut off valves defaulted to off during cold start.
  • Corrected armament keys for joystick.
  • Corrected altimeter pressure limits.
  • Fixed audio volume adjustment when opening/closing blisters.
  • Removed audio volume adjustment when opening/closing fuselage door.
  • Fixed camera position issue caused by multiple presses of the Flight Engineer position command.
  • 6 DOF now works correctly when switching to the right pilot position.
  • Corrected operation of dust protection device heating, engine heating.
  • Added rudder trimmer option.
  • Circuit breakers. Common turning-off functionality for auto-stop.
  • Fixed sticking commands in the left pilot position.