404th May 1st 1944 4-6 Player COOP

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DCS: World 2.5
P-47D Thunderbolt
404th May 1st 1944 4-6 Player COOP

404th May 1st 1944 4-6 Player COOP

Date - 11.06.2020 07:47
1st May 1944

THE BIG SHOW - 404th Fighter Group

Today is the day gentlemen.

We are tasked with performing a shallow penetration mission into france. The first time for our squadron, in a few weeks time this sort of thing would be considered routine but at this time it was  a pretty big deal. The 1st of may marked a turning point for the allied air offensive, flights tripled and bombing raids intensified.

Mission Objectives:

Our mission is to fly a high altitude patrol mission over northern france

- The first objective is to form up over the airfield and form Squadron Box formation.

- The next objective is to follow the flight to the French coast on patrol.

- Once over France we are expected to have a relatively easy time, slight possibility of german fighters so stay frosty.

- If your after some ground targets look for the small smoke stacks with fire between Etaples and Hesdin. Around these areas you should find targets to attack with bombs or rockets, make sure you equip loadouts at base.
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