Mutiny at Tbilisi

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DCS: World 2.5

Mutiny at Tbilisi

Author - Shibbyland
Date - 05/11/2020 07:29:06
Lead a formation of four MiG 15s tasked with striking an airfield seized by mutinous personnel.

The year is 1955 and tensions between East and West remain strained. KGB operatives suspect foreign agents of working to destabilise Georgia. Preparations are being made to rotate troops out of the region when a local Air Defense unit mutinies against it's commanders.

You are our first response.

This is my debut to mission design for wider community use.

Depending on how this is received, I hope to eventually build a campaign for the MiG 15 based around a fictional story set in the Caucasus in 1955.

In time I'd really like to get some Russian voice recordings to bring missions to life (with English captions).

Please give me your feedback. I'd particularly like to hear from veteran mission builders on how I can add complexity to my missions. What did you like about this mission? What didn't you like?

I'm endeavoring to stay away from cliche western stereotypes of Russia during this time period. However, I'm not of Russian heritage so do point out if there's something you think could be different to achieve this goal.

Thanks for giving the mission a try.
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