MUSTANG P-51D Stream Deck Profile (DCS-BIOS) Rel. 1.0

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DCS: World 2.5
P-51D Mustang
MUSTANG P-51D Stream Deck Profile (DCS-BIOS) Rel. 1.0

MUSTANG P-51D Stream Deck Profile (DCS-BIOS) Rel. 1.0

Author - PVI_Maverick
Date - 04/19/2020 16:43:57
Profile to use Stream Deck  panel (15 buttons) with DCS World and Mustang P-51D. Based on DCS-BIOS Plugin. Includes semi-automatic startup procedure

Hi all,
Profile to use Stream Deck panel (15 buttons) with DCS World
This profile is based on DCS-BIOS Plugin

To use this profile you need to:
- Install & setup DCS BIOS ("
- Install DCS-BIOS plugin for StreamDeck

Some commands are based on Keyboard shortcut, functions not related to aircraft such as : briefing, menu radio, Track-ir, kneeboard etc..

Includes semi-automatic startup procedure:
Automatic startup How-To-Use instrucions
- open a P-51 COLD&DARK situation
- press START button on streamdeck
- wait until engine has stabilized

That is done!

(Of course you can customize START actions: if you like you can remove/add actions, change order, just do it using streamdeck software)
Then you can go through and..
- Switch int/ext lights as desired
- Rearm & Refuel

Remember to run StreamDeck Software with 'Administration rights' in order to let it work properly

Hope you enjoy my profiles!

PVI Maverick

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