[UPDATED] IAF "netz" 107 - 116 squadron and F16C Barak - 101 squadron

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F-16C Viper
[UPDATED] IAF "netz" 107 - 116 squadron and F16C Barak - 101 squadron

[UPDATED] IAF "netz" 107 - 116 squadron and F16C Barak - 101 squadron

Type - Skin
Author - Wolfthrower
Date - 28.05.2020 08:37
this is a remake of the historical  "Netz" 107 from the defenders of the south squadron, israeli air force.
this F16 holds the highest kill count in the world - 6.5 enemy planes. and also participated in the osirak nuclear reactor strike in iraq in 1981.

also included an F16C Barak skin from the 101 - skulls squadron, including the  barak 2020 avionics upgrade markings.

[ Updated 28/05/2020 ] 101'st sqn tail and intake numbers are now dynamic.

hello good people, i hope you'll enjoy these two skins.
this includes the legendary "netz" 107 from the 116 squadron and a f16c barak from the 101 squadron with the "barak 2020" avionics upgradde markings.

Update 13/10/2019 :
The Lua files are now correct and all the textures will work in multiplayer too without breaking  integrity check.
the old default textures wont appear underneath :)

Update 22/03/2020 :
-Fixed the Lua file, textures are now fixed after the beta update, No default tail decals or bort numbers over the skin textures now.
-Changed font for the tail number of the 101 skin.
-Changed tail number of 101 skin to 521 to match reality a bit.
-Made 2 different tail varients for both skins and no kill markings for the 116sq skin, upload later this week.

Update 06/04/2020:
- additional tail numbers for both skins are pending approval and should be up in couple of days.
- bort numbers bug is now gone.
- implemented elements from official f16 template made by ED, lines and rivets are now the way they should be.
- changed metallic maps and added elements that were missing.
- changed roughness maps.
-added decals across all parts.
- made some decals smaller and moved the gun safing pin, epu safing and other various decals to their correct position.
- changed colors of the scheme for better representation of the federal standard colors of the IAF scheme ( its a mix between the old and new colors for more visual appeal in dcs light system).
- added dirt, grime and grease wear and tear.
- changed color of the right cheek station of the tgp to the IAF light grey color.
- changed color of the center line station to the IAF light grey color.
- changed fuel tanks labels to hebrew and added grime and dirt.
- created and added better and high def decals for the fuel tank valves, changed roughness maps.
- fuel tanks now have the plane number on the back and fuel tank number on front. ( because it uses the same map for both tanks there will be duplication).
- added plane numbers and pylon number for all pylons and rails.
- missile rails now have "Netz" or "barak" designation and detail plate for each version.
- pylons and rails also painted in lighter grey color, fuel tank pylons now have yellow color for the back part.
- pilot now have israeli shoulder ranks.
- pilot now have IAF name tags and wings patch.
- pilot's patches now have their own custom normal maps.

Update 28/05/2020 :
- texture fixes.
- tail and intake numbers are now dynamic for non historical skins.

----------How to use------------
place the two folders in your C:\Users\*User Name*\Saved Games\DCS\Liveries\F-16C_50
you'll need to create the "F-16C_50" folder if its not there.

--------Work files and F16C Template--------------------
with these two skins i'm providing all of my work files in psd format  (photoshop 2019)
which include :
over 120 decals , all in vector form, as smart objects. placed in their real life places on the jet.
guide layers with colors for every part so you can work better in the model viewer.
detail layer of panel line and rivets in black and white. - put in multiply over the solid color layer.
weathering layer.

you can find these work  files here :

<a class="txttohtmllink" href="https://www.dropbox.com/sh/cem8by7wxammuk8/AAAdx4dEzypsm_ivOSiBPFu9a?dl=0">https://www.dropbox.com/sh/cem8by7wxammuk8/AAAdx4dEzypsm_ivOSiBPFu9a?dl=0</a>"><a class="txttohtmllink" href="https://www.dropbox.com/sh/cem8by7wxammuk8/AAAdx4dEzypsm_ivOSiBPFu9a?dl=0">https://www.dropbox.com/sh/cem8by7wxammuk8/AAAdx4dEzypsm_ivOSiBPFu9a?dl=0</a>

-------working on the wings-----------
there's only one working file for the wings. since its a template for both.
to work on the right wing work as normal and save the dds file as F16_bl50_wing_R.dds
to work on the left wing first flip horizontal the canvas ( in photoshop - image tab > rotate image > flip canvas horizontal). place everything you need on the respective layers, flip back and save as F16_bl50_wing_L.dds

hope you'll like it :)
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