[UPDATED] IAF "netz" 107 - 116 squadron and F16C Barak - 101 squadron

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[UPDATED] IAF "netz" 107 - 116 squadron and F16C Barak - 101 squadron

Type - Skin
Author - Wolfthrower
Date - 10/12/2019 00:06:31
this is a remake of the historical  "Netz" 107 from the defenders of the south squadron, israeli air force.
this F16 holds the highest kill count in the world - 6.5 enemy planes. and also participated in the osirak nuclear reactor strike in iraq in 1981.

also included an F16C Barak skin from the 101 - skulls squadron, including the  barak 2020 avionics upgrade markings.

[ Updated 28/05/2020 ] 101'st sqn tail and intake numbers are now dynamic.

hello good people, i hope you'll enjoy these two skins.
this includes the legendary "netz" 107 from the 116 squadron and a f16c barak from the 101 squadron with the "barak 2020" avionics upgradde markings.

Update 13/10/2019 :
The Lua files are now correct and all the textures will work in multiplayer too without breaking  integrity check.
the old default textures wont appear underneath :)

Update 22/03/2020 :
-Fixed the Lua file, textures are now fixed after the beta update, No default tail decals or bort numbers over the skin textures now.
-Changed font for the tail number of the 101 skin.
-Changed tail number of 101 skin to 521 to match reality a bit.
-Made 2 different tail varients for both skins and no kill markings for the 116sq skin, upload later this week.

Update 06/04/2020:
- additional tail numbers for both skins are pending approval and should be up in couple of days.
- bort numbers bug is now gone.
- implemented elements from official f16 template made by ED, lines and rivets are now the way they should be.
- changed metallic maps and added elements that were missing.
- changed roughness maps.
-added decals across all parts.
- made some decals smaller and moved the gun safing pin, epu safing and other various decals to their correct position.
- changed colors of the scheme for better representation of the federal standard colors of the IAF scheme ( its a mix between the old and new colors for more visual appeal in dcs light system).
- added dirt, grime and grease wear and tear.
- changed color of the right cheek station of the tgp to the IAF light grey color.
- changed color of the center line station to the IAF light grey color.
- changed fuel tanks labels to hebrew and added grime and dirt.
- created and added better and high def decals for the fuel tank valves, changed roughness maps.
- fuel tanks now have the plane number on the back and fuel tank number on front. ( because it uses the same map for both tanks there will be duplication).
- added plane numbers and pylon number for all pylons and rails.
- missile rails now have "Netz" or "barak" designation and detail plate for each version.
- pylons and rails also painted in lighter grey color, fuel tank pylons now have yellow color for the back part.
- pilot now have israeli shoulder ranks.
- pilot now have IAF name tags and wings patch.
- pilot's patches now have their own custom normal maps.

Update 28/05/2020 :
- texture fixes.
- tail and intake numbers are now dynamic for non historical skins.

----------How to use------------
place the two folders in your C:\Users\*User Name*\Saved Games\DCS\Liveries\F-16C_50
you'll need to create the "F-16C_50" folder if its not there.

i do not give permission to use or modify this skin or parts of it in the creation of other skins.
you wanna do that ?, send me a pm in the forums.

hope you'll like it :)
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