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DCS: World 2.5
F-14 Tomcat


Author - Skyspin
Date - 09.05.2019 08:13
This mission is a part of the series of strikes that were ordered prior to the invasion of Iran beginning with "THE PRELUDE"...... WARNING... this mission is for multiplayer and can only succeed through the combined efforts of all positional pilots..
      The final decision for beginning the full invasion of Iran has suddenly been delayed. When the President was informed that there were two CIA operatives yet to be extracted, he issued a top secret rescue operation to take priority over all planned missions.  In the village of Delbudani. two highly valuable American CIA scientists are surrounded and besieged by ground forces with more being trucked in by convoys. A rescue helicopter operating off the USS Tarawa will extract the agents while being protected by four F-14B's off the USS Stennis. Only the best pilots have been selected for this dangerous and detailed mission.

A strike force of four F-14B Tomcats are tasked to support a British UH-1 crew off the USS Tarawa who must make a daring rescue of the surrounded CIA agents. Brief understanding is a must as each aircraft has specific assignments and responsibilities. Only through a team effort can this operation succeed.

Requirement Mod.. US Navy Deck Equipment

Also: Alerax LSO AI Script is loaded for carrier recovery. Familiarization with the LSO AI Script is mandatory.

Knowledge of UH-1 procedures for troop embark procedures required.

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