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30 апр

DCS Change Log 1.2.4

Today we are happy to make available version 1.2.4 of DCS World and updates to several DCS modules.

Download installer files here:


- or -

Use Auto Updater. To force an auto update, from the Start menu, select Eagle Dynamics - DCS World - Update DCS world

In addition to many new features and fixes, 1.2.4 adds support to the new DCS: UH-1H Huey module.

New Features

  • Graphical User Interface. New skin panels.

  • Graphical User Interface. New Module Manager.

  • Flaming Cliffs 3. New Six Degrees of Freedom (6DOF) cockpits for the Su-25, Su-27 and A-10A.

  • Flaming Cliffs 3. Added vertical adjustments to the Su-25 gunsight for bomb, rocket, and missiles delivery. This includes 10 steps down [RALT - H] and 10 steps up [RSHIFT - H].

  • New AI FW-190D9 aircraft.

  • Combined Arms. The radar emission control added. Key [i]. This allows players to operate SAM radars in radar-silent mode.

  • Combined Arms. Generic automatic transmission.

  • Combined Arms. Axis controls for ground units implemented.

  • The Radio Menu F10 option now works in network games.

  • New trigger actions: "radio item add for coalition", "radio item remove for coalition", "radio item add for group", and "radio item remove for group".

  • Numerous new SEE symbols. http://en.wiki.eagle.ru/wiki/Drafts/Simulator_Scripting_Engine_Changelog_%281.2.3_-_1.2.4%29

DCS World

  • Some issues causing the network instability have been fixed.

  • The missiles dynamic launch zone or fighters has been adjusted.

  • The T-90 tank added in the Encyclopedia.

  • Fixed some Mission Editor and GUI crashes.

  • Il-76 damage model has been corrected.

  • Tail numbers stencil shimmering for the Il-76 model is fixed.

  • The standard Russian Air Force MiG-31 skin is fixed.

  • In ME airfield info page now includes airfield ATC frequency.

  • Fixed ME issue regarding statics.

  • Mission debrief. Accounting of released weapons has been corrected.

  • Rearming & Refueling Window. The chaff and flare fields can increase countermeasures amount.

  • Resource Manager (RM) - Smoke generators being duplicated in RM airbase weapons window has been fixed.

  • Resource Manager (RM) - Increased the maximum storage fuel limit to 5,000 tons for each airbase.

  • AI A-10 will no longer shoot all Mavericks at a single target.

  • Axis assignments will print to input .html file

  • ME can't save file into mods folders has been fixed.

  • Pilot skins added to the E-3A.

  • The S-5 rocket warhead changed from HE to shaped-charge.

  • Corrected valid firing azimuth for FSG "Molniya".

  • New, more accurate, missile dynamics for the SA-19 Tunguska.

  • Airfield marks are disappearing after pressing "Cancel" on "Coalitions" window has been fixed.

  • Fixed when AI aircraft and vehicles set invisible = true, then set invisible = false, the ground AI vehicles still could not be detected.

  • Fixed situation if player sets options to "pilot can control vehicle" and the mission doesn't have an aircraft, player can't control units.

  • Fixed ME error when clicking a certain area in the track playback menu.

  • F10 Radio item or add for coalition ALL has been removed.

  • Fixed coalition helicopters unable to take off from aircraft carrier if "takeoff from ramp" condition is selected.

  • Rearm and refuel menus have been removed. "Rearm & Refuel" command will now open Mission Resources Dialog.

  • CG-60 Normandy will now attack Anti-Ship Missiles (ASM).

  • Waypoint actions "Weapon hold" has been fixed.

  • Helicopters sinking when they takeoff from an aircraft carrier has been fixed.

  • Fixed S-300 launches not being shown in the de-brief.

  • The COMM option status will now save in the mission.

  • Fixed AI not always attacking targets during intercept task.

  • Corrected ROE behavior issues.

  • Fixed Tunguska tracking targets through buildings.

  • Fixed server crashes, when one client fires an air-to-air missile and other client joins the game.

  • Fixed F-16C Bl52d having old (Flanker) icon style on F10 view.

  • Fixed incorrect aspect in record video in size 1280*720.

  • ME. Some issues with copying, renaming and removing payloads has been fixed.

  • Fixed helicopter AI ROE and threat reaction.

  • Corrected air to Air ATGM delivery by AI Ka-50s.

  • Fixed the inability to respawn if the aircraft flies into the ground.

  • Fixed severe framerate drop when looking at destroyed civilian train.

  • Fixed the OK button not working when a campaign is finished.

  • Fixed crash when rocket collides with ground (fullscreen only).

  • Adjusted framerate impact of smoke from burning aircraft.

  • Fixed AWACS not performing stop task.

  • Improved Sorbcija ECM pod model.

  • Improved the ejection model for the A-10A/C and F-15C.

  • Corrected scale of F-15C external fuel tanks.

  • New skins for the Su-27 and Su-33.

  • Improved sounds for several aircraft including the F-15C and Su-27.

DCS: A-10C Warthog

  • LITENING TGP masking logic has been restored.

  • Corrected MFCD start-up screen wrong color.

  • Fixed AI wingman failing to engage target at Player SPI if AI is not aware/in range of target.

  • Fixed LASTE Wind Edit data entry.

  • Fixed Gun Minimum Range Cue Behavior.

  • Fixed HUD Air speed indicator will TAS in GS mode.

  • HSI course knob will now rotate the course pointer with or without power.

  • Turn Rate Indicator has been calibrated.

  • Fixed the CDU Wind Indication Direction being reversed.

  • Several A-10 callsigns have been corrected.

DCS: P-51D Mustang

  • Escort task added to the P-51D.

  • Corrected incorrect fairing door animation.

  • Fixed chassis damage after press RAlt+J on the ground.

  • Fixed DXrenderer error in dsc.log with serial numbers and pilot textures.

  • Fixed demo track 'takeoff-demo.trk'.

  • Fixed error when in-game manual is selected.

  • Fixed drop tanks of P-51D are not synchronized in Multiplayer.

Flaming Cliffs 3

  • Added kneeboard input to flyable aircraft.

  • MiG-29S TWS2 mode is now fixed.

  • Added intro image to Su-33 "Sea Dragon" campaign.

  • A-10A AOA Indexer now works.

  • Corrected some minor issues with new 3D Su-27 model.

  • Corrected wingmen maneuvers when turning.

  • Fixed wingmen not turning off radar when commanded to do so.

  • Fixed Su-27 campaign mission typos.

  • Pilots models are now correct.

  • Fixed F-15C Fuel Tank Pylon indication on MFD.

  • Fixed tanker not filling external F-15C fuel tanks.

  • Fixed Su-33 getting stuck near island on the Kuznetsov deck.

  • Corrected MiG-29 HUD indications.

DCS: Combined Arms

  • Replaced the old generic gun sight with a new one.

  • Adjusted some generic HUD symbology.

  • Fixed player controlled MLRS reloading troubles.

  • Fixed units not resuming previous movement after player takes control.

  • Fixed air defense units with HOLD FIRE ROE not going from ALARM STATE RED to ALARM STATE GREEN when commanded.

  • Added option for Automatic Transmission in CA Special Options.

  • Adjusted the drag factor of Russian AP tank shells.

  • Fixed ability to set the Ready state of AI flights.

  • Fixed ground unit control HUD compass missing from the wide displays.

  • Fixed Alarm State Green for radars revealing radar targets.

  • Adjusted M1A2 side armor.

  • "F10" view. AI aircraft can now land based on ground force commander commands.

  • Fixed night vision only being available off/on outside of binocular view.

  • Fixed the Go To command.

  • Fixed Chaparral issue of  locking targets.

  • Axis controls for ground units implemented.

DCS: Black Shark 2

  • Corrected missing Ka-50 textures in the some missions.

  • Fixed Ka-50 wingman calls "engaging enemy air defenses" while evading incoming missile.

  • Fixed Ka-50 training missions showing in training section, as they are only available through the download link.