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DCS: World 2.5
Bf 109 K-4 Kurfurst
Croatian Home Guard
Тип файла - Текстура
Автор - grstavac
Дата - 18.08.2020 16:52:21
Croatian Home Guard skin with checkered nose. Some stencils are converted from a real Bf 109 maintenance manual.
  • Лицензия: Свободная - Бесплатная версия, Не для распространения
  • Язык: Английский
  • Размер файла: 33.37 Мб
  • Скачано: 77
  • Комментариев: 2
Любая версия
Subtle ReShade OvGME ready
Тип файла - Профили устройств
Автор - grstavac
Дата - 18.08.2020 00:56:51
Reshade profile with no impact on performance.
It uses "Legacy standard effects": Levels, LumaSharpen, Vibrance, Colourfulness and HighPassSharp.
Color is  a little warmer, but basically identical to original colors in DCS.
Because of sharpening effects it's a little easier to read instruments or mfd-s and spot distant planes.
The download contains 3 folders. One folder with only a profile file, second folder is OvGME ready, and the third contains few higher quality screenshots for comparison.

Once in a game, press the HOME button on your keyboard to bring up reshade menu, click on one of " < >" buttons on the reshade menu to load up the profile. Click on "Settings" tab, click to set a key shortcut for "Effect Toggle Key".

Manual installation: 1. open "If you don't have ReShade" folder
                                 2. open "Subtle ReShade OvGME" folder
                                 3. paste "bin" folder into your DCS World installation folder (for example E:\DCS World)
  • Лицензия: Свободная - Бесплатная версия, Неограниченное распр.
  • Язык: Любой язык
  • Размер файла: 64.97 Мб
  • Скачано: 371
  • Комментариев: 7