Mig21bis Over the Hump

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Mig21bis Over the Hump

Тип - Кампания
Загрузил - DirtyRottenFlieger
Дата - 26.09.2014 13:11:19
I adapted the Mig29 campaign for the Mig21bis
Enemies are F5E, F4E,F16C
Enemies use Aim9p, Aim7m...no Aim120

Awac support in all missions and increased your flight size from 2 to 4 Mig21bis. Send your second flight in first !

Updated it to work with the last patch. The patch removed the R-60A missile which broke the campaign so I had to change all the load outs to R-60. Also fixed a couple of bugs

Works great with Mig21bis.   weak missiles for everyone and no AIM120.  lots of merge!

Been tweaking the AI planes so the AWACS has better coverage and the strike planes work better
V3 uploaded
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