KA-50 Alternate Hud + Devrim English HUD

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KA-50 Alternate Hud + Devrim English HUD

Загрузил - ShuRugal
Дата - 07.07.2014 22:23:48
Modified KA-50 Hud scales and bird mark for greater reflection of real KA-50 HUD elements.  Packaged together with Devrim's English HUD/Shkval/PUI800 mod for compatibility.


***THIS VERSION IS PACKAGED WITH DEVRIM'S ENGLISH HUD/SHKVAL/PUI800 MOD.  If you use that mod, please de-activate before installing this one, as they overlap LUA files.  for full details on Devrim's mod, please see https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/607269/

Modified the KA-50 HUD Pitch scale to more closely resemble the early style shown in some YT videos.  This HUD feels less 'cluttered' to me, and leave more open space in the center for better visibility.  Also inverted the bird-mark on the HUD center to match the orientation shown in same video:

Modified size and position of bird mark.  Center flat portion now shows fuselage pitch, while 'wing' portions now accurately reflect rotor disk pitch.

Corrected color filter not working for new ladder.  Modified ladder to show dashed lines on negative scale.  
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