Fix problem "new pilot" in Logbook

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Fix problem "new pilot" in Logbook

Тип - Утилита
Загрузил - Diego Molas
Дата - 03.10.2013 03:38:25
Fix problem "new pilot" in Logbook. You can not choose your nickname.

Many people entering the logbook is a problem when wanting to choose his nickname. This problem is corrected by a utility used to read lua files and changing a parameter. The problem does not allow you to use the same name and instead will change many times a "new pilot"

::::  To correct the problem, follow these steps:

1• Open the file,, then the program SciTE.exe.

2• Open your logbook.lua file located at: Saved Games / dcs / MissionEditor

3• Press Ctrl + F (find) and search for the word "dead" (no quotes)

4• Surely encounter the dead command, the word "true", delete "true" and type "false"

5• Repeat with each "dead" found.

6• Save and the problem will be solved.
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