Saitek 52 Profile with TrackIR for Ka-50

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Saitek 52 Profile with TrackIR for Ka-50

Загрузил - BiBa
Дата - 27.06.2013 18:16:41
This is my Saitek X52 profile suitable for TrackIR Users for the BS HOTAS with ALL its Keyboard-Commands embedded and assigned as near as possible to the real HOTAS of the Black Shark!

4 Mode assignments! Mode 1-2-3 & Mode 1+Pinky-Switch. There are enough Keyboard-Commands left to be assigned individually on Mode 2&3+Pinky-Switch!

Mode 1 is suitable for Hat-Switch Optic/Views and Mode 2 - 3 for TrackIR users.

Warning: Mode 1 is assigned for the POV-HAT-Switch, therefore has less commands than Mode 2 - 3!

(In your X52 Control Panel/MFD, you have to uncheck the Clutch Settings box option, to use the Clutch Button as other Buttons)

- Mode 1: Hat-Switches and F-Keys Views.

- Mode 2 or 3: is for TrackIR and has the FULL CAPACITY of all real BS2 HOTAS!

WARNING to Saitek X52 PRO Users: You should be able to load up that profile, but it will open as empty. In its Menu, all Key-Commands are present! You'll have to assign the commands to the joystick buttons manually. After that you can then re-save the configuration as a profile for your stick. It's a compatibility trait that's not often mentioned or used.

Have fun

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