F-15C/E Skinpack

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F-15C/E Skinpack

Тип - Текстура
Загрузил - Outcast_R
Дата - 22.06.2013 08:06:03
Skin pack for the Eagles:

·33d FW 'Nomads' 2006 Flagship 'Gulf Spirit' (85-0102) (EG)
·65th AGRS 2010 57th ATG Flagship 'MiG' (82-0028) 57th WG (WA)
·65th AGRS 2010 Flagship 'Flanker' (80-0010) 57th WG (WA)
·65th AGRS 'Flanker' (80-0018) 57th WG (WA)
·65th AGRS 'MiG' (80-0024) 57th WG (WA)
·85th TES 'Skulls' 53d WG (OT)
·159th FS 'Jaguars' 76-0084 'Celestial Eagle' (2007) 125th FW Florida ANG
·159th FS 'Jaguars' 125th FW Florida ANG
·493d FS 'Grim Reapers' 48th FW RAF Lakenheath (LN)
·493d FS 'Grim Reapers' 86-0156 MiG Killer (2012) 48th FW (LN)
·493d FS 'Grim Reapers' 2012 Flagship (84-0027) 48th FW (LN)
·493d FS 'Grim Reapers' 2013 Flagship (84-0027) 48th FW (LN)

·333d FS 'Lancers' 4th FW (SJ)
·334th FS 'Fighting Eagles' 4th FW (SJ)
·335th FS 'Chiefs' 4th FW (SJ)
·336th FS 'Rocketeers' 4th FS (SJ)
·492d FS 'Madhatters' 48th FW (LN)
·494th FS 'Panthers' 48th FW (LN)

Made from the ED templates and the aggressors from the original skins
The 'Celestial Eagle' was in the old DCS: A-10C, and for the agressors I've just added the serial number according to the numbers in the intakes

This skins might not be of the best quality, I made them for personal use but I've decided to release them. Any suggestions or corrections are welcome.
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