F-15C 18th Wing Skin Pack

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DCS: World
F-15C 18th Wing Skin Pack

F-15C 18th Wing Skin Pack

Тип - Текстура
Автор - PeCa_Chuck
Дата - 21.04.2013 18:05:27
Pacific Air Forces 18th Wing F-15C skins for DCS: World.

Installation process:
1. Extract the archived file.

2. Select the contained folders, and copy or move them to the following folder.

    /Eagle Dynamics/DCS World/Bazar/Liveries/F-15C

3. Open mission editor, and confirm that skins were successfully installed.

4. Enjoy it!

Version History:

30/04/14    Version 1.41 released.

            Fixed some letters.

29/04/14    Version 1.4 released.

            Added new skins.

04/05/13    Version 1.3 released.

            Squad patches and name tags are fixed correctly.

30/04/13    Version 1.2 released.

            Changed nose camo pattern.
            Added 18th Wing and squadron symbols to side of the body.
            Removed some markings fr om entire field.

22/04/13    Version 1.1 released.

            Fixed colored band issue.

22/04/13    Initial release.
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