Chile (M2000) - M5M ELKAN

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Chile (M2000) - M5M ELKAN

Тип - Текстура
Загрузил - MaximusRZ
Дата - 02.02.2023 13:41:50
Mirage 2000 - Fictional Chilean M5M Elkan Scheme
based on the paint scheme of the Mirage Elkan of the CHILEAN Air Force,

To paint this aircraft I based mainly on references for modelers and then I adjusted a little the design of the spots by comparing with photographs and trying to adapt it in the best way to the Mirage 2000.

due to the limitations of the dynamic numbers on the Mirage 2000, I only added some fixed numbers (705-709-711-713) and a "clean" one.

Thanks to Yekaru and Rudel-chw for helping me with details about the FACH aircraft.

If you want some custom work contact me on my Discord (-_Max_-#5353) or Instagram Maximus_RZ

If you want to collaborate in Paypal, everything helps!
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