L-39 Albatros "Free Syria" Campaign - V1.02

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L-39 Albatros "Free Syria" Campaign - V1.02

Тип - Кампания
Загрузил - dggoofy
Дата - 29.07.2022 15:19:57
Карта - Сирия
After a civil war lasting more than 10 years, Syria is living in a fragile peace. The dictator was killed in a plane crash. Thanks to new allies, a government has been elected and the country has entered a new democratic era. Some rebel groups are resisting in the north and east of the country.
Years of war have left the Syrian air force in shambles.
You are a British pilot and L-39 instructor. You are sent to Syria to help the government retake the whole country and eliminate the last pockets of rebel resistance.

9 missions... using every weapons... as leader or as wingman... amongst other group... fully documented.

After years of civil war, the dictator is dead and a new page in the country's history is about to be written.
You will step into the shoes of an L-39 pilot who will help the country to get rid of the remaining rebels.

What do you need for this campaign ?
- Syria Map
- L-39 Albatros Mod

What you get ?
- Story lined campaign with...
- ...9 fully voiced missions, never the same, always fun. About 1 hour each to complete.
- Full documention in briefing AND kneeboard
- The use of ALL, I say ALL, weapons, but training ones : internal and external guns, LD bombs, HD bombs, illumination bombs, AA missiles, rockets and... flares!

It's important to start with the 1st mission : you will understand how the campaign works.

Use the forum topic for questions, bugs report, etc... https://forum.dcs.world/topic/305862-l-39-syrian-campaign-free-syria/#comment-5017928

Changelog :
1.00 - Initial release (07/30/2022)
1.01 - (08/01/2022) Mission 5 : Small trigger fix (switch to the destination tower frequency). Its worked but not exactly how it should. Now it's fixed.
          Mission 1 : "player" acknowledges quicker after control orders (waypoints).
1.02 - (08/04/2022) Mission 7 : Triggers correction. Nothing that affect the mission.
          Mission 9 : Missing code for finishing with 100% score.
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