Havoc's Quick Autostart for F/A-18C (Biscuit Edition)

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DCS World 2.7

Havoc's Quick Autostart for F/A-18C (Biscuit Edition)

Тип - Утилита
Загрузил - DJBiscuit1818
Дата - 10.05.2022 21:36:14
DISCONTINUED. Due to IC flagging this script and others like it I've stopped using—and thus maintaining—this script.

Essentially a modification of Havoc's Quick F/A-18C Autostart, this version adds several traits inspired by my own F-5 autostart.

This version has several small advantages over Havoc's version, the largest of which is modifying and saving radar settings.

Primarily, it makes it easier to modify values to suit your preference with a configuration section at the top of the lua file, and lets you set a number of extra features.
Specifically, you are now able to easily configure:

- Bingo Amount
- TACAN Channel
- ILS Channel
- Various internal and external lights
- HMD Brightness
- Distance at which HMD contacts are Displayed (moved up to 80nm from default 35
- Default Radar Settings for each Weapon (Azimuth, Bars, Range, Brick Timeout, and PRF)

PRF is still a little wonky because ED's PRF sequence is bizarre, and I haven't figured out some of the lighting dials yet. I might fix it when I finish with finals.
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