AV8B Harrier Caucasus Practice Area 2 (DCS 2.7)

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DCS: World 2.5
AV-8B Night Attack V/STOL
AV8B Harrier Caucasus Practice Area 2 (DCS 2.7)

AV8B Harrier Caucasus Practice Area 2 (DCS 2.7)

Автор - Draken35
Дата - 17.04.2021 15:23:35
For DCS 2.7!   - Updated 5/2/21 v1.01 |||
Practice basic skills with the AV8B Harrier at your own pace.
All types of take off and landings, Air to Air refueling, sensor employment, A2A and A2G weapons delivery, JTACs, AWACS, TACAN.
Bombing accuracy feedback.

Caucasus AV8B Practice Area v1.01
FOR DCS 2.7!

The Caucasus AV8B Practice Area will allow the practice of the following skills

  *  All types of Harriers take offs and landings.
       - FCLP (Field Carrier Landing Practice) from FARP London.
       - Carrier Operations from the Tarawa and VTO/VL from the other ships in the Task Force
       - VL/VTO from FARP London.
       - CTO/CL from Kobuleti
  *  Weapons and sensor employment.
  *  JTAC operations  
  *  Air to Air refueling  
  *  AWACS controlled air interception

There are hot and cold Harriers at Kuboleti, Tarawa and FARP London. All Harriers are unarmed and at 50% fuel. Pilots must choose their  load-out according to
their  training objectives.

Texaco will provide AAR support and training.
Overlord will provide AWACS support.

Range-1 is an Air to Ground Range. It is located near WP1.This range  has the following features:
- 2 bombing targets with accuracy feedback,
- 1 interval/spacing bombing target
- Static and moving vehicles
- 2 active radars for SideArms training
- 6 bunkers (marked in the map) for preplaned JDAM attacks
- 4 formation of parked fuel trucks for cluster bombs practice
- JTAC assistance :
           Axeman   will designate  static targets with laser      
            Warrior    will designate  moving targets with laser
            Darknight  will mark static targets with WP

Range-2, is an Air to Air practice area located near WP2 (Bullseye).  Draken International operates 2 remote controlled MIG 21 and 2 Mi-24 out of Sukhumi-Babushara airport.

Range-3 is a scored strafing practice area, locate to the East of Range-1

* Comm 1 presets & TACAN

<1> Tarawa      127.500 MHz    (2X)
<2> Kuboleti     133.000 MHz   (67X)
<3> London      128.500 MHz    (1X)
<4> Range        154.000 MHz
<5> Texaxo      251.000 MHz    (3X)
<6> Overlord    255.000 MHz

* Mods  

vFG 476 Range Targets Package

DCS-Military Asset Pack

* All credits for the range scripts go to CiriBob!

* Installation

Mission file goes to
C:\Users\[YOUR USER]\Saved Games\[DCS or DCS.openbeta]\Missions

Script files go to
C:\Users\[YOUR USER]\Saved Games\[DCS or DCS.openbeta]\Scripts
(Only needed if you plan to edit the mission in the ME)

Change Log:
5/02/2021 - v1.01. Added Range-3 (scored strafing range)
4/18/2021 - Fixed an issue preventing the rearming and refueling from the FARP
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